The Beauty of Lombok: Explore the Island’s Natural Landscape, Rich Culture, and Delicious Dishes

The beauty of Lombok is a concept that encompasses everything the island has to offer visitors. The Island of Lombok is situated right next the Bali Island; a position which places the former in the map of Indonesia’s tourism industry as one of the country’s topmost international-class travel destination. Unfortunately, the charm of Bali Island overshadows Lombok’s potential for a long time, as evidenced by the fact that many international tourists have yet to explore the Island’s top attractions. In recent years, however, Lombok Island emerges as one of tourists’ favorite spots to spend their holiday. This shift of attention may be attributed to the fact that people might have grown somewhat tired of visiting Bali over and over again.

In shifting the attention to the beauty of LombokIsland, however, you will not be missing anything at all. Geographically speaking, Lombok and Bali are not that different from each other. Beaches and other activities centered on oceanic theme (scuba-diving, surfing, etc.) are available as well in this island. Culture-wise, Lombok displays somewhat similar traditions with those of Bali. This is despite the fact that the Island is predominantly Moslems as opposed to Bali’s Hindu life. There was a point in the past where the two Islands shared the same culture based on the Hindu beliefs, a fact which is reflected by the presence of several Hindu temples in Lombok. Natural landscape of Lombok Island varies depending on the location. A little toward the northern part of the island, the land becomes somewhat elevated where the Mount Rinjani marks the highest point of the Island’s. Toward the middle part of the Island’s, you can find various waterfalls as another point of attraction to enjoy. The waterfalls serve as a nice alternative to the beaches if you find yourself in need of a different kind of experience while being in the Island.

However, the beauty of LombokIsland does not stop only at its great natural scenes and cultures. Lombok’s culinary wonder is another thing you should give a try at. Before doing so, though, be very aware that some of the dishes are dominant in pungent ingredients (such as chili beans, for example). So, make sure that you have what it takes to enjoy this kind of dishes.

  1. Ares

The name ‘ares’ refers to the inner part of banana plant’s stem. Cooked in a coconut milk-based soup mixed with other ingredients, the ‘ares’ is accompanied with meats of fish, chicken, or beef.

  1. Pusut

Pusut is a type of satay, in which the meat is ground finely to be mixed with coconut grates and other seasoning.

  1. Fish satay

The types of fish used to make this dish include snapper and tuna. The flesh of the fish is mixed with coconut milk and other seasoning.

  1. Bebalung

Bebalung is a ribs-based dish. Essentially, this dish is a type of soup where the ribs are cooked to the point where the meat enveloping the bones is tender enough.

  1. Taliwang chicken

Taliwang chicken is a rather versatile dish. The chicken can be fried or roasted (either spicy or honey-roasted). It is always served with plecingkangkung (traditional vegetable dish using water spinach as its main ingredient).

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